Brand Identity

Tahoe Training Camps

The founder of Tahoe Training Camps, Leon Abravanel, came to me looking for a logo for his startup endeavor, to create a premium elevated training camp program in the pristine Tahoe Area. I was thrilled to contribute my talents to this, as it was something I could really get behind.

Building a Brand Identity

One of the first things I told Leon, was that he needed more than a logo. He needed a brand identity, which extends well beyond a logo. A brand identity establishes a consistency and style of communication that runs throughout a brands marketing materials. Without this wholistic approach to a visual communication strategy, even a good logo will fail to capture the desired attention. Leon knew he needed a brand that was powerful, inspirational, enticing, and simple. With that foundation set, onward we went into the creative process!


It's important to get the obvious solutions onto paper, in order to get beyond them to find the real gems.


After getting some feedback from Leon and his Investor team on what concepts they thought were working best, I began developing the selected sketches into digital color.


After Leon and company chose their favorites from phase 2, and offering further thoughts on color, it was time for me to mock up the identity in some common environments. Websites, T-shirts, social icons, and whatever else is most crucial for the particular brand.

Implementation of identity into website mockup with core messaging.

Alternate Implementation of identity into website mockup with core messaging.


With most of the crucial decisions now made, A comprehensive style guide is developed to specify brand colors, fonts, and the assortment of allowed logo variations for different environment requirements. You're welcome to check out the full Style Guide here, making use of InVision's versatileBoards.

I hope you enjoyed this window into my creative process for developing Brand Identities! You can find the live Tahoe Training Camps website here. If you're looking to develop a creative identity for your own brand, I'd love to hear from you.

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