YGod Book Illustrations

I was thrilled to receive the opportunity to provide illustrations for YGod, a book by young author Danielle D'Souza (Daughter of the divisive, conservative indian-American political commentator, author, and Christian apologist, Dinesh D'Souza).. When I was approached by Stan Jantz, publishing director at Regal Books, I was asked if I could produce 32 'New Yorker' style images with a tight turnaround date; he needed them in 21 days. I met my deadline and was able to garner enthusiasm for my work from the Regal team and their young author, Danielle.

illustration of moses holding up an ammendment to the first commandment on an original tablet.
Mary, Joseph, three wise men, several sheep, and a donkey look upon the glory of baby Jesus in the manger.
A moron being divisive at a 4th of July celebration for conservatives
Jesus speaks to a crowd of politcal party activists
Man asking which way to LA in a place that looks like an airport, but also has gates to Heaven and Hell
Man on stage wants to convince convention attendees that all political zealots have been religious.
Jesus reading the newspaper in Jerusalem post, article about Jesus feeding 5000 people
bad magician on stage asking for a volunteer

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